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DSi Debug Shop

Top screen:

Bottom screen:

↑ I'm an interactive window! Try me!

This is an interactive demo of the DSi Debug Shop.

The developer DSi shop uses a modified version of the DSi Browser, and most of its content is local HTML/JS. Because the app is almost entirely HTML/JS, I was able to take the HTML pages from NitroFS and edit them to work in any browser.

Many of the pages are missing- locked behind Nintendo's development servers or just straight up gone. I patched things up wherever possible, killing any dead links and linking to otherwise unlinked pages.
Features such as the console information and DSi specific operations are also missing/broken (as is to be expected when running a DSi app on a modern browser). I tried filling in the blanks where I could, but it's not perfect.
If you want to help polish up the code, feel free to submit a PR here.

Download original app:

I have found 3 different versions of this app. I am not sure what the specific differences between the apps are.
I used the files from shop.HNFC.Release.v1536 for my demo.

shop.HNFC.Release.v1536: srl | tad
shop.HNFC.Release.14231: srl | tad
shop.HNFC.Release.thumb: srl | tad

shop.HNFC.Release.v1536.tad is the only working version of the debug shop. It will only run if installed to NAND and booted via the home menu.
Using nds-bootstrap, unlaunch, or any similar apps will introduce problems like dead touch controls, a 293003 error, or cause the shop to whitescreen.

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